i don't feel pink today

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“She was autumn; colorful and blustery with chestnut hair and cinnamon eyes. The very essence of October beauty; she radiated the warmth of the hearth, the colors of the earth and the joy of it’s mirth.”

A New Renaissance Man
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as both a Harmonizer and a Mixer, I now have yet another girlgroup to fangirl over. Welcome Beatz

Girlgroups taking over the world. 

I was NOT expecting that


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To be honest, I prefer a giant butt plug in Paris over a Christmas tree in October

See you in five days!

I wanna go on trips with you. I wanna draw patterns on your back queuing up for security check-in at the airport. I wanna squeeze your hand when the plane is about to take off because even though I’ve already flown a million times, I still get nervous, and you’re the only one who manages to calm me. I wanna rest my head on your shoulder and smell your perfume that always takes me back to the first time I’ve hugged you. I want you to wrap your arms around me and kiss my neck because you know how I have a hard time falling asleep in hotel beds. I want the alarm to go off way too early for me and I’ll still be ready for the day because we’re somewhere else and we’ve got tourist stuff planned and that’s always exciting. I wanna wake up with you still spooning me even though I can never keep my legs still at night and must have given you bruises all over yours. I wanna kiss you good morning. I wanna complain about how hotel breakfast never tastes good and instead get a croissant and a hot drink at the café down the road. I wanna pack my rucksack and get lost in the city because it’s new to both of us and your sense of direction is even worse than mine. I wanna be on the tube to the most boring museum, but still be excited because nothing’s boring when I’m with you. I wanna walk alongside a canal holding your hand. I wanna discover the local restaurants and bars. I wanna be exhausted by the time we get back to our hotel room, but not too exhausted to use the free soap samples and have a shower with you. I wanna look out the window and feel the magic of an unfamiliar place at night, hugging you from behind. I wanna dream of you and wake up at night and realise that you’re next to me. I wanna go on trips with you.

"Stop waiting for Fridays, and stop waiting for Summers, and stop waiting for someone to fall in love with you because those things will happen. But in the meantime, enjoy right now.” x

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My girlfriend’s phone thinks I have a penis face! :’(

I wanted to type pretty and my phone changed it to penis like three times and I’m crying with laughter

Anonymous said: hey you're beautiful and you and paperkites are really cute together just thought I'd let you know haha x

Awww you lil sweetheart! :) Thank you! You’re beautiful too. Brightening someone’s day is a beautiful thing to do. xx

I know this has been on my blog a million times already

I know this has been on my blog a million times already

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